ENTRY OPENS 6th may, 2024 – ENTRIES CLOSE 10th june, 2024        报名于 2024 年 5 月 6 日开放 – 报名截止于 2024 年 6 月 10 日

.Enter and make sure you are a part of this important annual event, as China's talented and dedicated sommeliers open their wine lists to some of the world's most respected experts in wine, including Master Sommeliers, Masters of Wine and Wine Commentators from China and around the world including representatives from recognised local and international publications.

Note : To help you prepare to fill in your Entry Form, a PDF of the Entry Form is available to download (Click here – Entry Form PDF)

Benefits of entering:

  • Glass Rating: Your wine list will be ranked according to the International Wine List of the Year Award wine list standards it meets - Download Judging Criteria ,which shows your customers the standard of the wine list they will be able to enjoy in your restaurant.
  • Awards Certificate: Establishments that receive a Glass rating (Recommended (1), 2, or 3 Glass Award) will receive an Awards certificate, recognising their outstanding achievement, which can be displayed in their establishment with pride.
  • Review : If you receive a glass rating, a review of your wine list will be published for your current and future customers to learn more about your establishment and the wine experience that awaits them.
  • Awards Seal: Establishments that receive a Glass rating (Recommended (1), 2, or 3 Glass Award) will also receive a CWLOTY Awards Seal, recognising their outstanding achievement, that can be displayed on their Wine List and in their establishment with pride.
  • Experts Review: All restaurants whose wine list wins a Glass Award, also receive an individual review of their wine list, written by a team of experts, which will be published and the restaurant can print it on their wine list and in other promotional materials. This expert review can greatly assist existing and potential customers to learn more about your restaurant and the wine experience they can enjoy there. 
  • Award Winners and Finalists: The best of the best contestants will be selected and invited to the Awards presentation event where finalists will join us to see who has taken the prizes. Winners will be recognized globally for their achievements and will proudly feature in all publicity, media interviews and editorial .

Don't miss out on this outstanding opportunity. 


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